V1 Deep Fried Egg Roll    2.99
V2 Shrimp & Pork Spring Roll      3.15
V4 Ground Shrimp On Suger Cane  4.25
V7 Sub (chicken or grill pork)    4.50

C1 Crabmeat And Cheese Wonton(6)    4.25

C2 Steam Dumpling (pork Or Vege)   4.50

C3 Bbq Spare              6.25
C4 Edamame           2.99

C5 Sweet Donuts      2.99


Noodle Soups (Pho)

w. bean sprout, lime, jalapeno, cilantro on the side
*Choice of spicy paste or Curry paste for your soup
*Choice of beef broth or chicken broth
(if not indicated beef broth will be served)
V8 Chicken Noodle Soup         7.25
V9  Slice Beef Noodle Soup     7.50
V10 Flank Beef Noodle Soup    7.50
V11 Beef Meatball Noodle Soup  7.25
V12 Slice Beef & Meat Ball Soup   7.50
V13 House Special Noodle Soup   8.25
V14 Shrimp Noodle Soup      7.50
V15 Seafood Noodle Soup  8.25
V16 Fish Noodle Soup (salmon)     7.95
V17 Egg Noodle W. Pork,Wonton & Shrimp   7.75
V18 Wonton Soup      6.95
Extra Meat for $2.00        Extra Noddle for $1.00


V19a Vermicelli w Egg Rolls           6.95
V19 Vermicelli W Egg Roll & Grilled Pork     8.25
V21 Vermicelli W Lemongrass Beef       7.95
V22 Vermicelli W Grilled Chicken               8.25
V23 Vermicelli w.Grilled Shrimp & Egg Roll     9.75

Vegetarian's Dish 

V24 Rice Noodle Soup W/ Mixed Vegetables   $6.95
        (Extra Tofu For $. 50 More)
        *choice Of Curry Paste Or Spicy Paste
V27 Stir-fried Egg Noodle W/ Vege & Tofu         $8.50
V28 Stir-fried Rice Noodle W/ Vege & Tofu        $8.50
V29 Rice W/ Stir-fried Tofu & Mixed Vege           $8.50
V29a Curry Tofu w. Rice                                        $8.50

Dish Over Noodle

V30 Chicken And Shrimp Over Rice Noodle     $9.75
V31 Chicken And Shrimp Over Egg Noodle      $9.75
V32 Shrimp, Chicken, And Beef Over

        Deep-fried Egg Noodle                                  $10.25

Main Dish

V33 Grill Pork W/ Egg Rolls W/ Rice          $8.25
V34 Grill Pork Chop W/ Rice                          $8.25
V36 Grill Lemongrass Chicken W/ Rice       $8.25
V37 Grill Shrimp & Egg Roll W/ Rice              $9.95

V38 Chicken Sauteed with Lemongrass, Onion and

        Carrots                                                    $8.95

V39 Beef sauteed with vegetables        $8.95

V40 Shrimp Sauteed with Ginger, onion and 

        Carrots 9.95

V41. Shrimp Sauteed with Curry paste and vegetables  9.95

V43a  Salmon w/ tomato sauce                 $9.75




Ginger Salad                 2.99
Chicken Salad         5.95
Shrimp & Pork w/ Lotus         5.95
Raw Beef w/ Lime Juice    5.95 


Fried Rice and Noodle

C27 House Special Fried Rice             8.25
C28 Fried Rice W.Choice of             7.95
        (Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable)           
C29 Lo Mein w. Choice of               7.95
        (Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable)           
C30 Hawaiian fried rice                    8.25
        (Combination of seafood w. Pineapple)            
C31 House Special Lo Mein                 8.25
C32 Chow Mein Fun(rice noodle)       7.95
       (Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable)            
C33 Singapore Style Chow Mein fun          8.50

Chinese Dishes

C34 Chicken Broccoli                    8.95
C35 Sweet and Sour Chicken       8.50
C36 Kung Pao Chicken                 8.95
C37 General Tso’s Chicken          9.50
C38 Shrimp Broccoli                     9.95
C39 Shrimp w/ Mixed Veg             9.95 
C40 Szechuan Shrimp                  9.95
C41 Pepper Steak and Onions    8.95
C42 Hunan Beef                            8.95  
C43 Mongolian Beef                     9.25
(Stir fried scallion and onion to a perfect 
Flavor with beef)


C74  Vegetable Paradise       8.50
         (steam and sauce on the side or sauteed)
C76 Eggplant W. Garlic Sauce    8.25
C77 Bean Curd Home Style        8.25
C78 Ma Po Spicy Bean Curd       8.25
C81 General Tso’s Style Bean Curd     9.50


Fruit smoothie     $2.99
(Strawberry, avocado, banana )
Soy milk      $1.99
Coconut juice     $1.99
Lemonade      $1.99
Vietnamese brew coffee      $2.50
(Serve cold or hot)
Thai Tea              $2.50
Jasmine Tea (hot or cold)   $0.99